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Bed Bug Bite Symptoms

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Bed Bug Bite Symptoms

Bed Bug Bite Symptoms: Correctly Identifying The Mark They Leave Behind

There are certain characteristic’s to look for when identifying the welts left by a bedbug. Since 2010, there have been a rise in bed bug infestation throughout the United States. Where to begin:

Location: Are manly found on the arms, face, neck, and back.
Itchiness: Your skin may feel itchy during and after the bedbug bites your skin.
Reaction: Skin which has been bitten will respond differently from person to person.
Misdiagnosis: When it is time to see your doctor?

  • Location:

At first, you may only see one or two bed bug bites appear on your skin, and you may think that you were bitten by a mosquito or another insect. Though, over time if more start showing up, it may be time to find the source of these red bite marks. The same bed bugs will not bite you every night, there is usually a lag time upwards of 9 days. So, it could be you have more than one bedbug in your home, a possible infestation.

You should keep a close eye on any bite mark(s) you’ve found, especially if multiple bite marks start appearing in different areas of your body. If you find three bite marks in a row (1-2-3), than it’s a good bit that you are being bitten by bed bugs! They are notoriously known for this type of bite formation. These three bite marks are commonly known as “Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.”
bed bug bite symptomsbed bug bite symptomsbed bug bite symptoms

When analyzing the location of these bed bug bite symptoms they will vary from person to person. Some may have a delayed reaction, where these red welts will not appear for as much as 14 days after being bitten. The bedbug will generally, leave their bite anywhere they find access to your skin! The more skin you can cover the better, which will prevent you from being bitten.
Bed Bug Bite Symptoms

  • Itchiness:

Bed bugs are nocturnal parasites and will only bite you during the early morning hours, while you are sleeping in your bed. Some will feel the pain of the sharp puncture made to the skin and this will awake them, while others will not feel anything at all, and sleep right through the night, only to arise the next morning with bite marks on their skin.

While lying in bed at night you may find yourself itching and scratching your skin and not putting two and two together, until it’s too late! You may feel that all this itching may be dirty bedding and it’s time to change the sheets, or that the soap you’re using to bath with is drying out your skin. But don’t stop there in the search for the source of your itching. You may be surprised to find a bed bug infestation in your home.

Keep in mind anything newly brought into your home, such as furniture could be the cause. STOP and think for a moment, did you bring in a cardboard box from your garage or from your storage unit? Did you buy a second hand piece of furniture recently; inspect it closely, especially if it’s made from a wood or wood fiber?

Remember, once bed bug bite symptoms start appearing, you need to take action right away, don’t put off another minute! Losing sleep will only catch up with your body and will continuely to keep you off guard, while the bedbug infestation takes hold.

  • Reaction:

Professionals in the medical field have determined even though bedbugs carry germs, they are not capable of spreading these germs to humans. For this, they are not considered dangerous insects.

Though, some may have an allergic reaction to their bites, which could be considered life-threatening, treatment of such would be on a case-by-case basis. If you are diagnosed with “Anaphylaxis”, then you would require immediate emergency attention. This is a severe, potentially life-threatening allergic reaction to insect venom, and would require a doctors attention.

Bed Bug Bite Symptoms

Other symptoms which may arise are hives, nasal congestion, redness of the skin, feeling dizzy, light-headed, faintness, breathing abnormally, diarrhea, and pain within the stomach. These reactions are only a few of the symptoms that may appear. Again, within only very serious allergic reactions would you experience these symptoms?

Pertaining to skin reaction, welts as large as 8 inches across may appear on the skin. Blisters can become inflamed, and with a certain small group of people the bite mark may produce a swollen sac of pus. It can be very tricky to diagnose, and for that reason will require a doctor’s attention.

This is why it is crucial to observer the bed bug bite symptoms closely! Reaction time is always important to help with the proper diagnosis and treatment.

  • Misdiagnosis:

Your doctor may tell you that the itching that you’re experiencing is from the infection of scabies, or another allergic reaction? With bed bugs bite symptoms, misdiagnose is very common, so if you are unsure, than you are advised to seek professional help!

Having scabies can be a very similar reaction to the bed bug bites? Scabies are microscopic mites, which are caused by a highly contagious skin disease from that of an itch mite, which burrows its self deep into the skin, producing that intense itch you feel. This happens at night, generally about the same time as the bed bug bites, which can be misdiagnose.

They are generally smaller than that of the bed bug and have eight legs, bed bugs have only 6-legs. Mites are only one-third of a millimeter in size, and to view them requires a magnifying glass or a microscope to actually see them with the human eye.

If you are still not sure of the bed bug bite symptoms you are experiencing, than it may be time to seek a professional for a proper diagnosis of your situation.

Bed Bug Bite Symptoms

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