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Bed Bug Larvae

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Bed Bug Larvae – The Juvenile Delinquents of the World of Bugs

When it comes to bed bugs, all the focus of the world is set on the adult bugs. They often forget that these vampire-like menaces start out as juvenile delinquents and they are just as troublesome. They also forget that it is best to rid of bed bug larvae while they are still young.

So let us enter the world of these vampire-like, blood sucking bugs roaming about your house, actively seeking a host for their supply of a yummy meal. In this article, you will learn everything about bedbugs from their appearance, growth stages, and behavioral patterns – this information should help you when tracking them down.

Bed Bug Larvae

picture of bed bug larvaeFrom The Beginning

All monsters are babies once, but with the bed bugs, they are tiny eggs first. The fact that they will soon grow into a vampire-like blood-sucking malignance is a scary thought, here is an even greater horror: the female bedbug is able to spawn a whopping 500 eggs at one time!

Yes, when an adult mommy bed bug lays her eggs, she spawns into the hundreds! Quite the hard working mom, if I do say myself? Now imagine 500 blood-hungry bed bug larvae crawling up to on your sleep – not a very appetizing thought really…

And once the eggs are laid, it is like a time bomb ticking and you only have up to 12 days until they break out of their shells. They will scamper and seek bloody veins – quite a dramatic start to a horror story that will take place in your home.

Bed Bug Larvae
Transparent eggs

Hunting these tiny blood-sucking creatures as eggs is difficult because the size is only around a millimeter. But once they hatch, bed bug larvae may be easier to identify, and that is when you strike!

What you should look for are small tiny bugs that are transparent in appearance. After viewing the bed bug larvae picture on the left, you will not have any doubt in your mind and mistake them for other bugs. If you see a small group in your home, you probably are only looking at a small portion of the whole, because it likely they number in the hundreds!


What is alarming is if you see bed bug larvae tinted with a red core. Because they are transparent, it is so easy to see the blood they just sucked. Now you can start wondering who the blood donor was, check your skin for any red dots, or rashes.

Bed Bug Larvae – Growth
growth of bed bug eggs

Although seemingly simple creatures, bed bugs have quite a complex life cycle too. After hatching from egg stage, bed bug larvae will go through five stages of growth before reaching adulthood. But the nymphal stages of these pests are the least of your concern.

What you need to focus on is how you will be able to halt their growth from nymphal to adulthood. Yes, bed bug larvae are juvenile delinquents and already troublesome as they are, but once they reach adulthood, the horror simply increases tenfold!

The time bomb is really ticking and you have only around 45 days until bed bug larvae turn into adults. You want to prevent this because as adults, they will mate and give birth to another 500! And that is 500 for every female bed bug!

Bed Bug Larvae – Feeding Activity

Even at that young age, they are already active suckers. And if their numbers are in the hundreds, you can say hello to that many bite marks when you wake up the next morning! As you dream of Netherlands, these vampire bugs are draining the life out of you – quite literally.

And the danger here to your health is just as real. Imagine 500 bite marks every night. It should be enough to turn you into an anemic zombie! And not to mention, the traumatic effect it will have on your skin – rashes, bumps, itch, and all.

Bed Bug Larvae

The pattern behavior of bed bug larvae is exactly similar. They are very sneaky and tricky delinquents! For one, they are great escapists. They have such sharp noses that detect the presence of carbon dioxide in the air. So when you are around, they will know right away and scamper to hide.

Additionally, bed bug larvae will inject you with an anesthetic chemical as they suck your blood. That way, you will not feel anything and they can continue feasting happily. And to make you a more appetizing meal, bed bug larvae will also inject you with coagulants – blood softeners.

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