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Bed Bug Symptoms

Bed Bug Symptoms

  • Identifying Bed Bug Bite Symptoms: Knowing When the Vampire Strikes
  • This monstrosity sure is tiny but the scourge it can cause is certainly not a small matter. Quite picturesque for a tiny pest, the bed bug is not exactly grotesque and alarming in appearance. But since these tiny vampires can suck blood without its host’s knowledge, identifying bed bug bite symptoms can save you the troublesome infestation.

    And if you think you can dismiss its vampire-like fangs as just a simple insect bite, you definitely got another thing coming… Certainly not an ant bite, its malignant fangs can bring about a hoard of ugly effects – hideous and angry red rashes that spread, unthinkable psychological effects, and potentially dangerous allergic reactions to name a few.

    Bed Bug Symptoms

  • How Do You Know If You Have Bed Bugs
  • With the infestation endangering every household from the invasion of the blood suckers, more and more people are asking the question ‘How do you know if you have bed bugs?’ So even though the age old fear of vampires is already dead in this era, this century old blood sucker in the form of a bug is still around to stay.

    So if you want answers to the question ‘how to know if you have bed bugs’, then you are definitely in the right place! Read on and discover how to be the Van Helsing of these vampire tiny bugs.

    How Do You Know If You Are At Risk?


    Everyone is at risk. Therefore, everyone should seriously consider the question how do I know if I have bed bugs? The thing is, these vampire-like bugs can thrive almost anywhere where blood supply is present – and that blood supply could be you and your family!

    Bed Bug Symptoms

  • How Do You Get Bed Bugs: The Risk Factors And Knowing How To Avoid Them
  • Your house appears like the very image of home sweet home. The interior design is not bad and is trendy in fact, and cleanliness is always maintained. And with that, it probably never crossed your mind that you would ever have to deal with bed bugs. Until one day, you spot one of these blood suckers! It makes you wonder, how do you get bed bugs in your house, especially when your home is the epitome of cleanliness? Read on to find out “how do people get bed bugs?”
    How Do You Get Bed Bugs

    Be careful when buying Secondhand Furniture

    On your way home, you see such an exquisite piece of furniture abandoned by the roadside or being sold in a local garage sale. Alright, maybe it is damaged to some point, but you see the potential and how it can be polished into a gem! So how do you get bed bugs with a salvaged sofa?

    Keep an eye out for any signs of the bed bug exoskeleton remains (see photo). You will need to take a very close look at all the possible places that bedbugs hide. These exoskeleton remains are only one of the bed bug symptoms you may find, and there may be others.

    Bed Bug Symptoms


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