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Bed Bugs Chicago

Bed Bugs Chicago: Unwelcome guests in the windy city and Illinois

Even the highly-developed state of Illinois has fallen prey to one of the country’s biggest health problems – bed bugs Chicago. These pests seem poised to take over this city after wreaking havoc to other major cities in America. In fact, Chicago is now ranked as the fifth most infested cities in the country.

bed bug infestations in chicago

“An Unwanted Comeback” – The truth is that a similar infestation has been experienced by Chicago before. Thanks to some clever measures including preventive chemicals in housing construction, bed bugs Chicago were almost completely terminated during the 1940s and 1950s. Obviously, something went wrong along the way which produced the problem the city now has.

The unwanted comeback of bed bugs may be blamed on several factors. For starters, the chemicals used to keep them away have been banned citing health reasons. In particular, DDT which was their nemesis was no longer allowed for use for pest control. Another factor is the lack of public awareness about the bed bug epidemic.

When you think about it, bed bugs Chicago is quite an unusual case. Unlike other bed bug hubs, the city is not exactly a hotspot for travelers. Unlike New York or Philadelphia which are high up in rankings, Chicago does not receive a lot of travelers and immigrants from other countries. This leads to a lot of questions and scratched heads.

Bed Bugs Chicago: Spreading and Affected Areas

A lot of experts are not exactly sure why there are plenty of bed bugs in Chicago in the first place. Although the city is not a transportation hub, it does play an important role in the national transport system. It is often seen as a traveler-friendly city which causes bed bug infestation and spreading. A lot of people point towards the public transportation system for this.

The first stop for these critters is often the hotels in the city whether low-end or five star. Bed bugs seek refuge in mattresses especially along the seams which make it difficult to detect. When left unchecked, hotel rooms become unwitting breeding grounds for bed bug eggs. As the guests checks out and leaves the room, he takes with him a few hitchhikers.

Additionally, Chicago hosts O’Hare International Airport which is a major gateway into the country. This means the city is exposed to foreign travelers more who have hidden stowaways in their luggage or clothing. Although not a tourist destination, the city is a major air transport hub which puts it at risk.
bed bugs chicago

Bed Bugs Chicago – 8 Things You Should Know
1. So far, there have been no reports of a major Chicago bed bugs outbreak. Still, it is a good idea to be armed with as much information as possible. Read through the list of eight things you need to know about bed bugs.


2. Bedbugs are indeed poised for a comeback in Chicago so you better be ready. Be on the lookout for these critters in your home, hospitals, hotels and college dorms. In other words, public areas are all vulnerable to bed bugs attack.

3. Knowing how to identify bed bug Chicago is a good thing. These are flat and wingless insects with six legs. They can be quite small and difficult to find especially in daylight.

4. Identifying bed bug bites is difficult as well. It is not that they are difficult to see. They look much like other insect bites so you cannot be that sure of the culprit.

5. After feeding, bed bugs Chicago change in appearance and gain a reddish hue.

6. Bedbugs hide in small cracks and crevices usually in your mattress or furniture near your bed.

7. Getting rid of bed bugs Chicago may be difficult but it is possible. Some of the ways to do this is to wash your sheets in very ht water and have them dried on high heat. Keep in mind that heat is the natural enemy of these pests.

8. You can help prevent the spread of bed bugs by placing your suitcase inside a large plastic bag. Shake out your clothes before leaving as well.

Last but not least, the itch can be very annoying so do not let the bet bugs bite.

Bed Bugs Chicago

The good news is that there are plenty of ways to get rid of bed bugs Chicago. These include treatments that use heat or chemicals for fast results. For this, you may want help from a professional pest controller. A quick look on the phone-book should let you find a bed bugs Chicago expert near your home.

Department of Public Health Services
333 S. State Street, Room 200
Chicago, IL 60604
Phone: (312)747-9884


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