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Bed Bugs in Michigan

Bed Bugs in Michigan: An Epidemic Causing People to Scratch Their Heads

Bed bugs in Michigan were a shock for a lot of residents. Many thought that they have the last of these unwanted house guests but they were wrong. Bed bug infestations have been reported in several areas within the wolverine state. People now realize that the popular bedtime phrase is now taking a more literal sense.

The obvious bad news here is that bed bugs seem to be everywhere as local residents have found out. High-end establishments have reported infestations. Even homes are not safe from these critters these days. As a result, bed bugs Michigan have caused a bit of a scare.

The problem is so bad in fact that bed bugs Detroit has caused the mail service to stop delivering mail. As it grew worse, authorities were forced to shut down entire buildings in an effort to stop its spread.Bed Bugs in Michigan: The Good and the Badbed bugs in michigan

As if to add insult to injury, bed bugs are quite difficult to find. Peak biting activity is during the night when you are fast asleep. During daytime though, they are hiding in the seams of mattresses and deep within cracks and crevices. It is almost you are fighting an invisible enemy here.

Still, there is good news to come out of this nightmare. For starters, the government through the Department of Health has reacted swiftly to try and curb the problem. They have even set up a website to provide information on bed bugs in Michigan. This site has everything you need to learn more about these pests and more importantly, defend yourself against them.

Dogs have been hired to literally sniff out the problem. Man’s best friend is highly trained and makes full use of their senses to find bed bugs in Michigan. Detection of course is the crucial first step towards solving this problem. The next steps involve a more aggressive answer.


Bed Bugs in Michigan: Debunking the Myths

You should know that a bed bug infestation is not really a new thing. In truth, these pests have been taking a bite out of humans for ages. Like other animals, they need to live near or around their food source. In this case unfortunately, this means these pests will live right next to people. This in turn raises concerns over the effects on health and possible risk.

Despite what many people may think, bed bugs do not spread disease. On the other hand, there may be a few minor health concerns here. For instance, bed bugs use their saliva as a numbing agent but a few may develop allergic reactions to this substance. Some people also report anemia because of Bed bugs in Michigan.

Even with bed bugs attack, there is no serious health risks reported. The most they can do is drive you crazy because of the itch from their bites.michigan bed bugs Sleepless nights and other physiological discomforts are very much common. In extreme cases, people may develop anxiety and stress due to the idea of being dinner to these critters.

Bed Bugs in Michigan

Are They Really Bed Bug Bites?

Bed bugs are all but a few insects out of the many other possible creatures inside the house. Part of the diagnosis actually involves a positive identification of bed bugs in Michigan. The bad news is that other insects can mimic bed bug bites making them hard to distinguish. Here are a few of them:

    • Mosquitoes– These flying insects are normally found outdoors during the warm spring and summer months. Their bites often result with small bumps and itching similar to bed bugs. The difference is that mosquitoes will typically bite once instead of in multiple rows.
    • Lice– Unlike bed bugs in Michigan, these insects feed by penetrating the skin. They live on the head, pubic area and other parts of the body. They also cause itching usually in the scalp due to allergens.
    • Ticks– These insects feed on people by attaching themselves for days. This makes them starkly different from bed bugs. They usually attack around the hairline, waistline, armpits and ears. Some ticks may behave like bed bugs only feeding at night though.
    • Fleas– These insects normally feed on house pets but will move to people if their host is not available. They normally feed on exposed areas of the body around the ankles. Red spots and itchy lesions are typical of flea bites.These are just some of the insects that share common characteristics with bed bugs. For proper identification, it is better to consult pest control in Detroit for bed bugs. Do your homework to find out more about bed bugs in Michigan as well.

      Bed Bugs in Michigan

Michigan Department of Community Health Services
Capitol View Building
201 Townsend Street Lansing,
Michigan 48913
(517) 373-3740

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