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Bed Bugs NYC

Bed Bugs NYC – A not so typical invasion from an unlikely suspect

You would think that it is quite impossible but recent bed bugs NYC attacks prove this wrong. Who would have thought that these small critters could cause big problems in such a big city? This came as shock indeed that it even made local and national headlines.

Bed Bugs NYC: Icons under Attackbed bugs nyc

As if tourists, bed bugs in New York have started appearing in some of the city’s most popular buildings. It looks like these guys decided to move out of their apartment dwelling to conquer the Big Apple. Over the years, more and more building owners have reported of such infestations. Here is a quick look at some of them:

  • The United Nations
    Even the seat of the biggest international organization in the world has reported New York bed bugs quite literally. According to some reports, the UN has been struggling with this problem for a few years now. Conference room chairs were found infested but have since been replaced. Luckily, an outfit with the specific task of eliminating bed bugs has been dispatched. They use specially-trained dogs to sniff these critters out.
  • Lincoln Center
    This famous cultural center has also reported bed bugs NYC. Particularly, pest control experts were able to find bed bugs in the dressing rooms. However, public areas have remained clear and free from infestations.
  • The Empire State Building
    Like King Kong, NYC bed bugs seem poised to conquer this art deco tower which was once the tallest in the world. The infestation reportedly started where the staff changing area is located. The skyscraper’s basement has been treated since and no further reports suggest these pests linger.
  • New York Public Library
    The management has admitted to the presence of bed bugs NYC but deny having an outbreak at all. A few specimens were found near the circulation desk but since have been contained. Perhaps the managers’ quick action helped control and otherwise nasty situation.
  • Abercrombie, Hollister and Victoria’s Secret
    These retail giants were forced to temporarily suspend operations when bed bugs NYC were discovered in their stores. Customers were actually urged to pop in their shopping in the dryer for twenty minutes to kill these nasty critters.
  • Department of Health
    Ironically, the last place you would expect bed bugs attack to happen fell prey to it. Workers reportedly found bed bugs in the tuberculosis prevention unit and were promptly shut down. The department spokesperson maintains that this was an isolated case and is already being taken care of.

    Bed Bugs NYC

    bedbugs in new york

    How did they spread?

    Obviously, bed bugs do not just magically appear out of thin air. They have to come from a source and the million-dollar question is “Where?” In general, bed bugs originate from dirty places that have not received much upkeep for some time. There are plenty of ways that they can move around from here.


    In truth, bed bugs are hitchhikers and this is how they get around. Being such a busy place where people are constantly on the go, bed bugs New York got around this way. Despite their size, these insects are able to survive virtually anywhere. The only thing that kills them is extreme heat and high temperature.

    All it takes for infestation is to be near or around sources. These jump from host to host upon contact giving you one more reason to keep your distance in crowded places. Mattresses also serve as their vessels. Bed bugs NYC can hide in the cracks and crevices making them hard to detect.

    In other words, anything that might transport bed bugs from place to place can be a source. This includes people and objects particularly found in a typical bedroom.

    Bed Bugs NYC: Drummed up paranoia?

    With several high-profile bed bug infestations, panic has gripped most of the populace. A lot of people are rushing to their friendly neighborhood pest control expert for a solution. Many fear that these blood-sucking creatures are out to get them and their family. But is this really the case?

    Some experts say that this entire bed bug scare is all that it is, a scare. Save for a few extreme cases which are exceedingly rare, bed bugs NYC are more of a nuisance than a cause for panic. Sure they are annoying and cause sleepless nights but apart from this, they do not really pose a serious health risk.

    There has been plenty of misdiagnosis than actual infestations. This has many led to believe that some sectors are drumming up unnecessary bed bugs NYC fears for profit.

Department of Public Health Services
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New York, NY 10013
Phone: (212) 788-4423

Bed Bugs NYC

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