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Bedbug Bite Photo

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Don’t try to guess what and/or where that mark on your body came from. First, take a good look at the photos below before guessing!

With a good bedbug bite photo, you can make a better guess about the nature of any bug bite marks on your body. Having the facts will make it easier for you to take the proper action, when moving forward.

Bedbug Bite Photo

Take a look at this bedbug bite photo:bedbug bite photo

This photograph shows the back of a woman living in a dwelling that was infested with bed bugs. Note how these marks are relatively flat, yet reddened. This woman experienced an average level of reaction to the bites of the bed bugs. There is often more than just one bed bug in any given instance, since mature females are able to lay up to 5 eggs per day. As long as there is a breeding couple alive, the number of bed bugs can increase quickly, making it hard to eliminate all of them.

Of course, viewing several bed bug bite photos is recommended, because not everyone reacts the same way to bed bug bites.

In this Bedbug Bite Photo a man’s leg was bitten multiple times.

This image shows a larger reaction than the one in the bed bug bite photo above. People will have different reactions to bed bug bites, depending on their allergy profiles. We will discuss more of this in a while, but for now take note of the linear pattern of bites here. It is likely that these were all made by one insect rather than several different entities, due to the closeness of the bites.

In the bedbug bite photo a man has a serious skin reaction. Photo courtesy of Dr. Harold Harlan

Think of this image as a bedbug bite photo representing breakfast, lunch, and dinner for these parasites. It is unlikely for a bedbug to feed off a spot very close to where a different bedbug has recently fed – a phenomenon displaying similarities to territorial behavior.

Bedbug Bites And Their Effects

Bedbug bites do not cause the same reactions in all people. You might think that a bit of variation in the itchiness and length of time the marks persists is all it is, but you would be surprised. Bed bug bites can range anywhere from nasty blisters to no noticeable reactions at all!


For example, below we have a photo of a person with a bad reaction to a bed bug bite:

bed bug bite photo

Notice how the bite mark has caused the formation of a pair of blisters. These blisters will persist even longer than ordinary welts, as the liquid in the blister must be removed for the skin to heal faster. The blisters may be popped and drained, or left alone. Chances are that this particular reaction was also very itchy, considering the gravity of the visible reaction.

Bed bug bite marks can vary in size, degree of swelling, itchiness, and even length of time for manifestation. Indeed, bed bug bites do not show up immediately, unlike mosquito bites. However, like mosquitoes, they also inject anticoagulants and anesthetics when they feed on blood. These substances are the ones that can lead to allergic reactions.

Since it is a question of immune systems, it is difficult to generalize the effects of bed bug bites on humans. However, for those who do show reactions, more bites decrease the interval between the event and manifestation of the marks. The delay can be as long as 9 days.

Because they show little distinguishing characteristics and share many similarities with ordinary allergic reactions, it is understandable that bed bug bites are misdiagnosed as mundane rashes. Antihistamines would be prescribed, and while they do work, the source of the problem remains. It is important to start looking for bed bugs as soon as these bite marks appear on your skin.

Bedbug Bite Photo

Bed Bug Bite Mark: Small blood bite mark on a human finger:

bedbug bite mark

Do you see that tiny bright red dot, that is a bedbug feeding on a human finger. More specifically, it is a bed bug nymph, or immature entity. That is why the size of the mark is so small. The adult mark would be much larger than that. Considering the size of these creatures, it is no surprise that they are difficult to spot and eliminate in their entirety.

Bedbug Bite Photo:(Source:, lou_bugs_pix)

Hopefully, these pictures have been instructive and informative in helping you to identify the insect that may have bitten you? After examining these pictures and you still have not identified your bite mark, please take a look at another one of our pages under “Pictures Of Bed Bugs”, and you may find a bedbug bite photo you begin to recognize?

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