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We have reviewed a number of bed bug products that actually get the job done! Depending on your particular situation in your fight to eradicate these terrible pests from your home, see which product can help you the best with relative ease.

Before using Diatomaceous Earth, make sure that you become familiar with this insect and it’s habits. Bed bugs have been roaming the world for centuries, especially in hot climates.

Their attraction to wood and their common infestation of headboards and bed frames has earned them their name, bedbugs.

They can inhabit most materials and they are often found in furniture, closets, linens and even hardwood floors. Bed bugs multiply rapidly and it is important to deal with them immediately, so they do not get out of control. While there are a number of ways to eradicate the insects, Diatomaceous Earth has been gaining popularity over the last decade, as pesticide immunity has become an increasing …

The Packtite portable heating unit utilizes new heat technology that kills bed bugs. By heating the contents of the device to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, Packtite works to kill all stages of bed bugs from eggs to adults without the use of dangerous chemicals. Retailing at around $300, this device is substantially cheaper than hiring a professional exterminator.

In some cases, bed bugs can be killed by putting the infested items in a hot dryer. However, dryers are not ideal for many reasons. In fact, one of the reasons that many consumers are choosing the bed bug heating method, is because it can be used effectively on dry-clean only clothing, shoes, leather, and other items that should not…

Protect you and your family from being bitten by these pests!

A surge in infestations has been on the forefront of recent universal concern, and mattress covers for bed bugs are one of the most popular solutions available as the problem continues to grow. Given the broad access to international travel, and the ease that bedbugs have in attaching themselves to clothing and luggage, infestations are reaching an epidemic level.

With hundreds of thousands of travelers every year, no one wants to worry about picking-up bugs in hotels and bringing them home to nest and reproduce. Mattress covers for bed bugs may well be the best weapon to use for fighting this problem.

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