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How Do You Know If You Have Bed Bugs

Hunting Down Bed Bugs Ala Van Hellsing Style!

With the infestation endangering every household from the invasion of the blood suckers, more and more people are asking the question ‘How do you know if you have bed bugs?’ So even though the age old fear of vampires is already dead in this era, this century old blood sucker in the form of a bug is still around to stay.

So if you want answers to the question ‘how to know if you have bed bugs’, then you are definitely in the right place! Read on and discover how to be the Van Hellsing of these vampiric tiny you know if you have bedbugs

How Do You Know If You Are At Risk?

Everyone is at risk. Therefore, everyone should seriously consider the question how do I know if I have bed bugs? The thing is, these vampire-like bugs can thrive almost anywhere where blood supply is present – and that blood supply could be you and your family!

Homes that belong in a neighborhood wherein houses are very close to one another are at an increased risk. This can also refer to apartment units, condo units, and room rentals.

The proximity between homes makes it easier for bed bugs to transfer from one home to another – which is a common behavior in bed bugs when their population grows too big and they need a new source of blood supply.

How Do You Know If You Have Bed Bugs

First Examine The Bite Marks

Before reading further, you have to take note that the presence of insect bite marks is not a guarantee that you have bed bug infestation in your house. This is because those bites could also come from other insects. So how do you know if you have bed bugs?

Although other insects can also leave bite marks, a bed bug bite is different because it usually leaves a bizarre pattern. Instead of just one singular reddish rash or bump, a bed bug will usually leave three that are arranged in a linear fashion – quite bizarre huh?


This is why such bite marks are referred to as ‘breakfast, lunch, dinner’. Another indication is the number of bites. Bed bugs usually give birth to 300 to 500 eggs at a time! So if there are too many bite marks all over your body, it is probably the work of hundred of bed bug siblings.

There is also the lag or gap between the time you were bitten and the time the rashes appear. A bed bug could bite you today but marks will only show nine days after. If you observe this, it is most likely a bed bug bite.

How Do You Know If You Have Bed Bugs – Looking For Specimen
how do you know if you have bed bugs
If you ask a professional pest exterminator the question ‘how do you know if you have bed bugs?’ They will proceed to tell you how to go about searching for these insects. For example, check the crevices around your mattress, then take a close look at your head-board for any holes, crevices, or where two pieces of material meet, and especially if it’s made of wood or press-board.

All the signs mentioned above are mere indications. They are symptoms which could lead to another problem but not bed bugs. And yes, the only certain way to know is to see an actual specimen. So how do you look for one?

It would be best to start where they thrive. Now, there is a good reason why they are called ‘bed bugs’ so by all means start searching your bed. If necessary, remove the sheets. If your bed has a box spring, remove the box spring cover and search inside.

Other places where people sleep can also be home to bed bugs. Try the couch and the sofa. Nook and crannies and cracks are also usually places where they can be spotted.

How Do You Know If You Have Bed Bugs – Spotting Fecal Droppings

When we say, ‘you go look for an actual specimen’, it does not only refer to the bugs itself, but also to the signs that they leave behind. Other than their feeding habits which leaves bite marks all over your body, they also need to eliminate and leave behind identifiable fecal remains. This can answer the question how do you know if you have bed bugs?

But since bed bugs are painfully small, you can just imagine how small their droppings would be! Thankfully though, their feces tend to clutter in one area so that it is visible. What you need to look for are dark reddish to black stains on walls, furniture, your bed’s box spring, and others.

…if you need more answers in how do you know if you have bed bugs, then please check out the other fine articles and information available on this site.

How Do You Know If You Have Bed Bugs

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