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Mattress Covers For Bed Bugs

Mattress Covers For Bed Bugs: Protect you and your family from being bitten by these pests!

A surge in infestations has been on the forefront of recent universal concern, and mattress covers for bed bugs are one of the most popular solutions available as the problem continues to grow. Given the broad access to international travel, and the ease that bedbugs have in attaching themselves to clothing and luggage, infestations are reaching an epidemic level.

With hundreds of thousands of travelers every year, no one wants to worry about picking-up bugs in hotels and bringing them home to nest and reproduce. Mattress covers for bed bugs may well be the best weapon to use for fighting this problem.

The root of the problem is that, once they have access to an environment, these pests reproduce swiftly and profoundly. Their tiny bodies can ingest three times their own size and weight in blood, with any given feeding. Females then are able to lay five eggs each day. Since the appearance of the eggs is nearly invisible to the human eye, or about the size of a grain of rice, trying to starve off development is a difficult task.uncovered mattress from bed bugs

Furthermore, they can live inside your mattress for up to a year, without needing another feeding. This further illustrates why mattress covers for bed bugs are your best weapons against infestation.

Movie theaters and other high-traffic transitional public locations can house these critters, until they find permanent homes. They are smart survivors, and are accustomed to finding excellent hiding places during the daylight hours, and between feedings.

Consequently, it just makes good common sense to be on the lookout for ways to avoid welcoming them into your own cozy bedroom. Given the fact that such pests do not respond to insect repellents, or other easy means of extermination, more creativity is required in order to keep them from wreaking havoc in the house and sucking the blood from your body.

Mattress Covers For Bed Bugs

Investigating and comparing the types of mattress covers for bed bugs offers solution ideas that can be implemented without waiting. What is more interesting is that pesticides are very costly to develop, approval is extremely difficult to gain from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the added challenge of considering spraying such substances around sleeping areas for adults and children further complicates the series of possibilities.

When it comes to prevention and protection options, mattress covers for bed bugs are among the most viable alternatives. A hospitable environment where they can gain access to feed on warm-blooded bodies while they sleep is what they seek. Anyone who has experienced a bite knows that they appear with a similar welt that mimics a mosquito bite, and they can itch even more severely.

If you fear that these insects may already be present in your home, adding a bed bug proof mattress encasement can contain the infestation. This means that those present are now trapped inside, and cannot bite or crawl through the protector. They will therefore eventually starve and die off, rather than continually reproducing.


It is also important to know that bed bug covers (mattress & box spring) may save you in the event that your bedroom becomes infested? This is particularly important to consider for those who live in apartments and condominium buildings with multiple residents who live within the confines of one structure.

When bugs are found on one floor of a building, they are often found in many of the individual residences as well. In these instances, mattress covers for bed bugs can contain or minimize the hassle and financial damage, especially if you own an expensive mattress. Pillow covers should also be considered.

Since pest control and extermination can be cost-prohibitive, having other means to battle and limit the exposure is wise. When choosing a mattress protector where bed bugs cannot penetrate, several aspects are important. Keep in mind also that the right mattress protector will guard against dust mites and allergens too.

SafeRest Hypoallergenic bed bug mattress covers for bed bugscome in many variable sizes (double, twin, queen, king) with a thickness, such as the mattress protector 6 gauge cover, to keeping those bedbugs out. Cover your mattress, box spring, and pillows to bed bug proof your sleeping area.Remember that all mattresses in a household must be protected, because these pests will move readily from one room to another, congregating wherever warm bodies sleep to feed at night.

Mattress covers for bed bugs will seal the mattress to provide a barrier that keeps an infestation from occurring from spreading. When bed bugs are already present, they will be locked-in and unable to survive. So, selecting the best barrier makes all the difference.Vinyl cases provide easy wipe-down maintenance, and keep bugs from harboring in the soft mattress during the day, between feedings. Of course, standard bedding should then be layered upon a mattress pad, so that comfort is still maintained for the sleeper.

In contrast to vinyl, polyurethane breathes and disburses body heat, as well as keeping these biting insects from moving through its barrier. Many such covers have a layer of terry cloth included that allows the sleeper to eliminate a mattress pad, and simply dress the bed with sheets.Ultimately, an ideal combination would be to implement the use of vinyl on the box spring, and polyurethane on the top mattress.

This provides an effective combination of comfort and protection.Contrary to what some may think, cleanliness of an environment does not necessarily impact whether or not bugs may be present. A spotlessly clean home can still become a host location. Small brown or red dots on white sheets are often the earliest indicators. These tiny blood spots reveal bites that occurred overnight, and can tip-off observers to check seams and corners of furniture for further proof.

Zipper enclosures for pillows, mattresses, and box springs can help substantially after the warning signs have been discovered. Small welts on the body, in addition to the telltale signs on the sheets, can reveal the bigger result picture of this pest problem.In addition to covers around the box springs, mattress, and pillows, washing bedding regularly at a minimum of 130 degrees will help to eliminate the few insects that may have escaped encapsulation. Choose properly between the 9” or 12” deep sheaths before purchasing.

Free shipping may be available when you place your order. Some reviews also recommend ensuring the durability of the zipper.Of course, complete encasement with no gaps is essential to providing the right protective mattress covers for bed bugs.

Mattress Covers For Bed Bugs

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