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Packtite Portable Heating Unit

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Product Review: Packtite Portable Heating Unit

The Packtite portable heating unit utilizes new heat technology that kills bed bugs. By heating the contents of the device to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, Packtite works to kill all stages of bed bugs from eggs to adults without the use of dangerous chemicals. Retailing at around $300, this device is substantially cheaper than hiring a professional exterminator.

In some cases, bed bugs can be killed by putting the infested items in a hot dryer. However, dryers are not ideal for many reasons. In fact, one of the reasons that many consumers are choosing the bed bug heating method, is because it can be used effectively on dry-clean only clothing, shoes, leather, and other items that should not be put in a dryer.

Recent bed bug infestation in most major cities has personally affected some, while increasingly making others aware of their presence. They are an extremely difficult pest to control as they are tiny enough to hide unnoticed in many small places. Once detected, they are difficult to kill. Modern strains of bed bugs are often resistant to most insecticides, and the most effective insecticides present potential health dangers to both children and adults.

Due to these factors, professionals are constantly searching for new ways to eliminate these little creatures, and one way that they have deemed to be effective is the use of heat. Heat can be utilized in many different forms to exterminate these bugs. For instance, steam cleaners can be used on rugs, carpets, and drapes. Dryers can be used on blankets and washable clothing.

Packtite Portable Heating Unit

Some professionals have a portable heating unit that can be used to heat entire rooms up to 115′ degrees. The downside of heat, however, is that it has no residual effect. That fact means that even if the bed bugs are eradicated, they can re-infest the treated items on the very next day.

Paying a professional to heat an entire room can be very expensive. In addition, they may also use chemicals in conjunction with the heat treatment, and many consumers do not want these chemicals in their homes.

The Packtite portable heating unit allows consumers to get around these issues. It allows them to apply heat treatment to almost all of their possessions without spending too much money, using chemicals, or ruining anything. The Packtite portable bed bug heat treatment device is primarily used by business travelers.

Due to the high incidences of bed bug infestations in many hotels around the world, most travelers would rather use one of these devices to kill any potential bed bugs than risk bringing the bugs into their homes. However, the device is also used by people who wish to control a home infestation.


In fact, the company is currently working on a larger model that will be useful for furniture and other over-sized items. Using the unit is simple. After a trip, travelers can simply place all of their clothing and their luggage into the unit. Then, they turn it on, set the timer, and wait for the unit to kill the bugs.

The Packtite portable heating unit works by heating objects to extreme temperatures that are lethal to bed bug populations. The latest bed bug research indicates that their thermal death point depends on both the temperature and the length of time that they are exposed to that temperature.

For instance, when exposed to temperatures of 113 degrees, they will die within 90 minutes. If the temperature is raised by 5 degrees, they will die within twenty minutes. However, their eggs will still need an additional 70 minutes of exposure to kill them.

Currently, this item is the only unit on the market that promises to heat items to 130 degrees Fahrenheit, and it even has a timer that can be set for up to six hours.

Most of the Packtite reviews online indicate that consumers are very pleased with this product. However, a few users have reported some small problems with it. One user reported a problem with the heating unit itself. When she first received the product, the heater did not work at all. The company will not accept returns on this item once it has been opened. Their rationale is that they do not want to risk transferring eggs from a used unit into their factory inventory.

However, they are more than willing to replace parts or deal with anything that is under warranty. Due to that policy, the user with the broken heater had hers replaced almost instantly.

They also have found our online review helpful in their quest in making their purchasing decision of the Packtite portable heating unit.

As you will realize while reading the online reviews, consumers are extremely happy with how well this product works. The little problems that they experience are not important compared to how well the unit works.

The Packtite portable heating unit is simple to set-up and easy to use. It collapses and can be easily stored. When it is time to start killing bed bugs, users just need to unzip the chamber, put the metal supports in the right places, and plug it in. Once the unit is loaded with items, it can be turned on. When the indicator light comes-on, the user can confidently open the chamber knowing that their little bugs are gone. The Packtite portable heating unit might be just what you’re looking for to eradicate these night-time pests!

Packtite Portable Heating Unit

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