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Pictures Of Bed Bugs On Mattress

Know Your Enemy, Attack Its Home: Pictures Of Bed Bugs On Mattress

To use an old cliché, a picture is worth a thousand words, and pictures of bed bugs on mattress will surely make for easy communication about what exactly you should be looking for. The best weapon in any war is information, and the more you know about the insect, the better you are prepared to deal with them.

Pictures Of Bed Bugs On Mattress

While the prospect of looking at pictures of bed bugs on mattress is not exactly appealing, it is necessary. Words could not describe the signs of bed bugs on mattress, but don’t worry, the photo below will certainly plead it’s case. Even the most precise language cannot transmit the same idea to all people because different people interpret words in slightly different ways, particularly when talking about color, size, and other such things.

To begin, in the subsequent section we take a look at the first of our pictures of bed bugs on mattress.

Pictures Of Bed Bugs Exoskeletons On A Mattress – Nasty Stuff

pictures of bed bugs on mattress

Below is a prime example of signs of bed bugs pictures mattress. Those reddish-brown things are molted exoskeletons – basically skins that the bedbugs shed when they grow larger than their current exoskeletons can support. What are worse are those black spots. Can you guess what they are? Yep, those are bits of bed bug feces.

Humans are visual creatures, meaning that we rely on our eyes greatly to gather information about the world. More likely than not, the information you obtain from this image is more than enough to imprint just how disgusting these creatures are.
(Photo courtesy of Dr. Harold Harlan, Armed Forces Pest Management Board Image Library)

Pictures Of Bed Bugs On Mattress

Disgust has a visceral effect that makes us remember things more clearly, so hopefully these disgusting photos can drive the point home.

pictures of bed bugs on mattress


As you can see, this small group of bed bugs has made its home in the corner of a mattress. Seams and folds in the fabric are favorite spots for bed bugs to nest in, so always check them out. You would probably freak out upon learning that these things nest so close to your sleeping body!

(Photo Source: Peoria County)

Aside from nesting in the folds and seams of the mattress, bed bugs will also nest in any convenient spots on the bed. In this photo, you can see that a female (on the center-right, engorged from feeding) has made a nest in the recess of a screw hole, and has laid a new generation of bed bugs to plague the nights of whosoever sleeps on that bed.

bedbugs hiding in screw hole of mattress
(Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Though pictures of bed bugs on mattress are the main topic here, that does not mean that bed bugs can only be found in beds.

This particular photo on the right is not of a mattress with bed bugs, but the bottom of a lounge chair. It shows one adult bed bug which has fed sometime in the last few days (given the color of the abdomen), and a nymph, probably at the 3rd instar phase.

Just so you know, those small white things on the red fabric aren’t grains of rice. They are freshly-laid bed bug eggs. Each of those “grains” has a single bed bug embryo developing and waiting for its time to emerge as a nymph. Adult female bed bugs lay up to five eggs per day. Needless to say, eliminating bed bug eggs is just as important as killing the adults and nymphs.
photo of bed bugs under chair
Pictures Of Bed Bugs On Mattress Are Unable To Communicate

Pictures cannot transmit smells, and words do not always suffice as well. Nevertheless to say, we will try to describe the terrible smell that these bed bugs produce.

Bed bugs release a smell reminiscent of overripe raspberries, or slightly musty almonds. This smell becomes stronger the more individual bugs there are, as well as over time, as their residues and wastes build up. This smell is pretty distinctive and can easily point out the presence of these creatures.

Speaking of smells and creatures, dogs can be trained to seek out bedbugs too. In fact, bedbug-hunting dogs have an accuracy rate of 97.5% — an impressive level. This means that they can both help identify whether your rooms need bedbug elimination or if your suspicions are proven wrong (which saves you time, money, and inconvenience).

As you read through BedBugKnowledgebase you will become better educated about these insects. we hope you have enjoyed reading about These pictures of bed bugs on mattress.

Pictures Of Bed Bugs On Mattress

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